Our Story

Colorado - 2011

Huxley Shirt Company is a lifestyle and outdoor clothing brand that represents individuals that love to step outside and explore; those of us who feel at home in the mountains, on the water or in the woods.

It all started not long after we could walk. My late, great father introducing my brother and I to the great outdoors. Pulling us off the couch every opportunity he had to fish Mahi in the Florida Keys, hunt Pheasant in South Dakota or camp in Northern Michigan. While other kids played video games, we played outside. He instilled a passion that led me to the majestic playgrounds of Colorado, North Carolina and Florida and for that I am very fortunate.

Needless to say, we all must show the youth of today the beauty of this planet. And, thank you Dad, for showing me the way... 

Venture out today and be Huxley.